Indian Martial Art Sansthan which is a leading karate organization not only in the state of Rajasthan but also in India is now moving towards its International tournament. We have a well established democratic and non-political setup which is the backbone of any healthy organization. We conduct 33 games including the new sports addition i.e. "Dance". Along with sports activities we pay special attention to the traditional aspect of the art of Karate-Do and understand that this art has not evolved as a mere sports activities by its pioneers. Although the sports aspect of Karate can never be under-estimated and it has its merits in overall developments of the art of Karate.

Hemant Jain IMAS Secretory

“IMAS aims to promote a sense of self-defense and confidence within ownself. We Make you feel protected even when you are alone. We prepare you for difficulties, for life. We Don’t Worry about Money. We Are worried about your Dreams and Future.”

Hemant Jain

IMAS Team Member